Ventures in Science is one of the premier science outreach organizations at Yale. Our focus is twofold, synergistically combining action and education. We bridge the gap between teaching and doing to engage students in the local community.

First, we are passionate about inspiring interest in science through hands-on learning and creative demonstrations. Working with community partners like Wilbur Cross High School and Yale Pathways to Science, we seek to introduce people to the wonderful ways science plays in every facet of our lives. Second, we (ad)venture through active scientific exploration.

Every semester, we choose a new project, or 'venture' to focus on. For our last venture we explored biomedical technologies and innovation. This semester's project involves introducing local high school students to digital logic and computer architecture, building computers, and donating these computers to Wilbur Cross High School. In the Spring, our main project will focus on nuclear power.

ViS welcomes any student with an interest in outreach, education, advertising, operations, management, or photography, regardless of skills-set or experience. To subscribe to our mailing list to hear about upcoming events and opportunities, use this link. To become an active member of the organization, take this short survey For more information, please contact Jacob Marks.